Biografia - Luiz Frederico Pesquisador Químico

Biography - Luiz Frederico Chemical Researcher

I am from the city of Panambi, located in northwestern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. My parents, Luiz Carlos and Marlise, have always strived to provide education for me and my sister Lizandra. I studied at Colégio Evangélico Panambi and at Escola Estadual Poncho Verde. I've always been interested in sports and, in particular, I practiced volleyball and tennis during my adolescence.

The practice of sports helped me to develop discipline and a competitive spirit, where we don't always win, but we learn from defeats. During my childhood and adolescence, I acquired Christian values and principles through my parents, the schools I attended and through the Baptist Church I attended. After high school (1998), I spent a year in the Brazilian Army in Santa Maria serving at the Reserve Officers Nucleus (NPOR) at the Regional Maintenance Park III of the 3rd Military Region (2000).

During this period, I reinforced learning about group spirit, where your partner should not be left on the field and where battles are won by well-executed strategies and planning together. In addition to daytime military service, I studied at night in pre-university courses to prepare for the entrance exam for Industrial Chemistry at the Federal University of Santa Maria.

After passing the entrance exam, I studied Industrial Chemistry (2000 – 2004) and then continued my studies with an emphasis on research through a master's degree (2004-2006) and doctorate (2006-2010) at UFSM under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Érico Flores in Analytical Chemistry, who coordinates the Industrial and Chemical Analysis Laboratory Ambientais (LAQUIA) (ver bibliografia profissional).

LAQUIA has an infrastructure that stands out as a nationally and globally recognized laboratory due to the quality of its work in the field of analytical chemistry and its emphasis on the “culture of whimsy”. After completing my doctorate, I married Mirelen de Oliveira in November 2010 and we moved to the city of Porto Alegre/RS where we live until now. In addition to researchers, we are involved in Christian activities through the link with the Assembly of God Church of Porto Alegre. I understand that the relationship with God, family, work and involvement with the local church are fundamental for the balance of a purposeful life.

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