Luiz Frederico - Chemical Researcher

I have a doctorate and master's degree in analytical chemistry from the Federal University of Santa Maria (2010) and a degree in Industrial Chemistry from UFSM (2004). He is currently working as a researcher at the Institute of Petroleum and Natural Resources (IPR) at PUCRS from 2010 to the present. Through my academic training as an analytical chemist, I was one of those responsible for implementing the Laboratory of Geochemical Analysis at IPR, where I worked directly on the development of analytical methodologies as well as training for technicians and undergraduate and graduate students at PUCRS. 

The implementation of analytical methodologies was related to Petrobras' investment through the Cônegas Project (2010-2020), where oceanographic missions were planned for the geochemical characterization of gas hydrates in the Rio Grande Cone, southern Brazil.

Therefore, before the offshore missions, it would be necessary to structure the laboratory, develop methodologies and train the team so that the analyzes could be carried out with quality. In addition to structuring the laboratory, I participated in the oceanographic missions as a chemist in charge of the chemical analysis laboratories, as well as in charge of the marine sediment sampling team in the cores. Part of the knowledge on gas hydrates is due to the collaboration with the University of Tokyo, which collaborated for Brazil to reach the benchmark and independence in this area of knowledge. This new interdisciplinary experience gave me an interest in geochemistry, which encouraged me to do a postdoctoral degree at Universidade Federal Fluminense in Geosciences (2016).

Currently, among the research lines of action, we highlight studies related to gas hydrates in Brazil (potential source of alternative energy in the future), as well as studies on the origin and evolution of pre-salt deposits in the Santos Basin in collaboration with oil companies such as Petrobras and Equinor, respectively. I am coordinator of the Geacron project – Expansion of laboratory capacity in Advanced Geochemistry and Geochronology at the PUCRS IPR Laboratories in collaboration with Petrobras, whose process number at Sigitec is 2018/00475-2.

The project has an investment of USD 5.000.000,0 and intends to purchase equipment to create a reference laboratory in Brazil to develop knowledge in advanced isotopic research and geochronology and meet the demands of the Oil and Gas Industry through Research and Development projects.

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