The integration between engineers specialized in the construction of equipment with analytical chemicals has been a promising market. In this sense, the demand for the construction of a certain equipment can be an opportunity for applying the knowledge of analytical chemistry.

Gas chromatograph: equipment designed in conjunction with SINC Brasil engineers, representatives of Shimadzu. Due to the limited number of samples and the need to reduce analysis time, a chromatograph was developed that allows the analysis of several compounds with just one injection. To this end, a system based on three detectors (TCD, FID and FPD) was designed and which enables the analysis of the main compounds studied in the geochemistry of natural gas exploration and unconventional resources such as gas hydrates.

Pilot Plant: this equipment was designed and developed with PID Eng & Tech engineers. The system allows the synthesis of gas hydrates simulating different marine pressures and temperatures in reactors of 1 and 10 liters. It is possible to vary the gas composition (methane, ethane, propane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) during hydrate synthesis and to monitor variations in pressure, temperature, pH using software. In addition, the pilot plant allows water and gas samples to be collected during the synthesis to study the gaseous and isotopic composition.
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