Forensic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies the application of chemical knowledge in solving crimes. One of the lines of research of interest comprises environmental crimes, whose objective is to apply the isotopic methodology, using stable isotopes (traditional and non-traditional) as well as radiogenic isotopes for Forensic Sciences. As a member of the National Network of Forensic Isotopes (RENIF), I am interested in scientific collaborations and development of projects aimed at the application of forensic isotopes Interested in forensic isotope projects and their applications?  See too: 

The other line of research is related to crimes related to food adulteration, where the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) needs to inspect Brazilian domestic products as well as food products for export. To this end, the National Agricultural Laboratories (Lanagros) stand out, which are decentralized MAPA units where laboratory analyzes and tests are carried out, as well as the development and validation of methodologies. In addition to acting as an ad-hoc consultant for MAPA, I work in collaboration with Lanagro-RS to support the development of analytical methodologies.
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